About Nicholas ( Physics & Chemistry )

I am Nicholas Ryan from Ireland and I have been teaching Science, Physics and Mathematics for the last nine years now. Physics is the best science subject (I might have my bias here) which is why I love to teach it! It helps us understand the world we live in – not just the “how”, but the “why” of everything. It is a discipline that requires more than memorization; it needs one to understand.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Science Education in Physical Science (Physics & Chemistry), a Postgraduate diploma in Mathematics and a fulfilling teaching career that has given me a wide variety of experience. From teaching engineers about engineering, electricians about electricity and mechanics about the principles of mechanics, I have tried to inspire each student to understand and implement the value of Physics, Science and Mathematics in their everyday lives. Moreover, I have spent a lot of time teaching students who haven’t studied English as their first language. It fascinates me how these students are easily able to jump between languages.

My purpose is to help students gear up for external exams such as AP, SAT, A Level and IGCSE Physics, and I believe that such exams provide a huge support, especially to international students.

In my opinion, online learning is great because it presents students with an opportunity to better focus on the mastery of their own learning.