About Nassim ( ICT & computer science )

I am Nassim Boubekri, an educator with over a decade of experience in teaching middle and high-school level learners. I am more an educator than a teacher, for I believe my purpose is to help develop a mindset in my students that can break any problem down to pieces and build solutions in and out of the box. I walk with my students to seek knowledge with an agenda to ensure that they know more about the subject than I do at the end of their learning journey with me.

After acquiring a B.Sc in Computer Science, I began my career in education in Lebanon and am currently pursuing it in UAE. I have taught various programs including IGCSE, AP and IB I. My experience includes heading the ICT department where I strived to replace typical classroom teaching with more interactive, engaging methods of self-exploration and transformation. Having also worked as a high-school volleyball team coach, a scout and an organiser of a student film festival, I have always tried to understand the needs of new-age students and adopted the best methods to fulfill them.

One of the best things we can do for the inquisitive young minds across the globe today is to make quality education available to them, no matter where they are. Online education has been paving way to achieve the same with more technological advent to aid it in recent times.