About Melanie ( English)

Melanie has rich experience as Vice Principal, Head of Department and English teacher, who has shown creativity and flexibility when it comes to engaging students, creating resources, and teaching material. She Builds strong relationships within the classroom thanks to a supportive and structured learning environment where every student is valued. Committed to working alongside other educators to develop and improve standards across teaching and learning to allow students to achieve their potential. She has Strong language and implementation skills and is passionate about improving standards in literacy and promoting reading to the student

Melanie has a BA (Hons.) English Language & Literature – University of Liverpool, Merseyside, UK Merit MA International Education from University of Leicester, Leicestershire, UK PGCE English – University of Sheffield, Yorkshire, I have a decade of English teaching experience, Melanie’s enjoyable learning methodology design and delivery has helped numerous students develop an interest in learning English. She has also worked with institutions across the globe in nations such as the UK, Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, and Spain, hence having catered to the needs of learners from not just different ages, but from different cultures. Melanie specializes in IGCSE and A level English and has many years of lesson construction experience apart from and teaching