About Mazen ( Business / Accounting / Economic )

My name is Mazen Nasr . and I have been teaching IGCSE /AS/A level Business studies and IGCSE accounting and economics for the last 10 years now. For me, business subjects are ‘’subjects for life’’ and considered a major part of entrepreneurship, helping learners choose their future careers. These subjects develop learners' understanding of business activity in different sectors, and they will be able to find out how businesses run and how their activities are regulated.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Masters's degree in International Management. I am also looking forward to do my Ph.D. in business management. Teaching business concepts in this fast-changing world is a real challenge. I enjoy the challenge of teaching students academically and encourage students to understand the world around them. I have met several students from different countries around the world and thrived to deliver beneficial lessons for them using my YouTube channel. It is a great pleasure to see students motivated to learn business concepts bringing real examples from their environment to enrich their learning. My ultimate purpose is to help students gear up for external exams, such as IGCSE, AS, and A levels. Online learning allows students to make a critical choice that they choose the best learning environment allowing them to meet their individual needs. It is a great opportunity and students should take advantage of this opportunity.