About Maimona ( Biology )

I am Maimona and I teach Biology with the sole purpose to help my students solve problems by understanding the story behind natural phenomena. I believe learning and understanding biology makes lives easier, which is why it is my passion.

I am a Bachelor of Biological Sciences graduate and a certified teacher by the UAE Ministry of Education. I also hold a Master’s in Biological Science. I hold over a decade of experience in teaching IGCSE and A level Biology and am pursuing the use of STEAM projects with students.

Having taught the students of middle and high school, I have over the years understood and tried to provide resolution to the challenges and issues that students learning the different disciplines of science face. The most satisfying part of my career is perhaps the sparkle in the eyes of my students when they grasp concepts.

Online learning is an easy medium to teach and learn, as it helps me reach a spectrum of students around the world with just a tablet and a conscious mind. I believe, with passion, miracles can be achieved.