How does Learning space
online portal work

When it’s time for a lesson, our pupils log in to an online classroom where they’re welcomed by their teacher. The lessons are varied and engaging, with the chance to keep in constant communication with the teacher, interactive presentation, mock test, assignments and more.

We have structured lesson plans which spreads across 9 months based on English National Curriculum and prepares you to ace the exams. With classes kept to a maximum of 6-8 pupils, there’s plenty of scope for one-to-one interaction and support.

Each lesson lasts for an hour, then the teacher sets a homework assignment to build on what they’ve covered in the classroom until they meet again for their next class, the pupil would have access to email or upload their respective homeworks and tests for our teachers to assess and give away feedbacks

Steps to Enroll

1. Fill in online registration form

2. Kindly follow the process to pay online

3. You shall get your user id and password to enter the Learning Management Portal

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